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Savory Breakfast Muffins

14 days into the new year and the New Years resolution is staying resolute.  Along with a couple of buddies (we call ourselves the Mortdale Bad Dads Club) and my lovely wife, we have kicked off a weight loss challenge.  We have each put in a few bucks to enter with the money to go to a good cause, but to also to drive a little extra motivation.

So far, so good!  Back into some good exercise (never to hard and I always get that feeling of ‘oh this is how good it feels) at the gym a good few times a week, a bit of running and throw in walk the dogs and walk the kids.

Despite being active it’s always hard to lose that belly bulge.  Whether it be the from those few extra puddings at Christmas, too many beers over end of year work parties or the ‘my body is just not as young as it used to be’ bulge.

Thats where diet comes in!  Picking the right foods, in the right portions, prepared the right way, and eaten at the right times has been the golden nugget I’ve been looking for.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a particularly unhealthy weight or size for my height, however the ‘almost 40 bulge’ has been a part of my life for the best part of 20 years.  I’m quite ok to say goodbye. 

While the preparation does take quite some time, and the initial cost of food is expensive, the variety has been amazing, it has been challenging my cooking style and opened me to trying a lot more things.

Today’s breakfast treat is Savory Muffins.

3 whole eggs

1 tbsp olive oil

125g black beans

40 grams feta cheese

70 grams spinach

6 cherry tomatos

Pinch of black pepper.

Preheat over to 170 degrees Celsius.

1. Drain the black beans and wash.

2. Halve the cherry tomatoes and dice the spinach.  Add into a salad bowl and mix with black beans.

3. Cut feta into small chunks and mix through salad mix.

4. Lightly grease muffin tray and pour mix into even portions.

5. Lightly whisk eggs and pour over mixture.

6. Season with black pepper.

7. Cook for 20 minutes.


Enjoy while warm!




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