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Why Hemp?

Hemp is one of our favourites, not just because it's natural and has a rad look and feel, but because it's cultivated with a super low impact on the environment. It’s one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, so it's super-strong, yet still soft on your skin with a nice drape to it. Like a fine wine, it gets better with time, becoming softer with every wear. 

It has environmental advantages, too. Hemp regenerates in months, helps maintain clean water and air, anchors and aerates the soil, produces oxygen, and consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - what wonderful qualities! 

Your new favourite tee or hoodie that you’ll feel good in, and good about, with a Hemp and Organic Cotton blend. Wears easy from town to trail with a classic fitting style and a lightweight, breathable design. 

Check out the Zorali range here

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